What is a Postpartum Doula?

After you've had a baby, you have two tasks. Recover from birth and bond with your baby. That's it. Two jobs. Nothing more.


A postpartum doula helps you and your family create the space and take the time to accomplish those two tasks. She helps keep the world at bay while you recover and bond. She assists with meal prep and light housework. She offers gentle advice on newborn care and comforting techniques. She takes care of the baby while you shower or get some much-needed rest. She provides assistance and education with breastfeeding or handles a bottle-feeding session. She works with your partner, encouraging your partner to take a positive, active role during this time. She has received training in postpartum mood disorders and can offer referrals to mental help professionals if you're struggling. In fact, she has connections to a variety of "newborn/new parent" professionals - lactation consultants, sleep consultants, babywearing groups, etc - she is a valuable resource for your new family.


Most importantly, she listens to you without judgment, without agenda. And you feel supported, confident in your abilities and secure in your new parenting role.

Sarah Douglas

Postpartum Doula

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