September Safety - A Checklist for Parents of Pre-Crawlers

~~September is Baby Safety month, and I'll be sharing tips and reminders throughout the month for keeping your home and car safe for your little one.~~

Before you know it, your little one will be mobile, and you'll be starting what feels like a safety race. As soon as you think everything is secure and out of reach, your little one will grow taller, develop climbing skills, or figure out how to get to previously inaccessible items. Here's a checklist for the pre-crawling stage, just to get you started in the right direction.

Pre-Crawling Safety Checklist

1) Secure large furniture items like bookshelves, dressers, and televisions to the wall. Sure, these items are large and heavy, but it doesn't take a lot of force to tip them over. Use furniture wall straps to secure large items. It usually only requires a drill and screwdriver, and maybe an hour of your time. But the safety payoff is monumental.

2) Invest in covers for electrical outlets - and while you're at it, consider cabinet locks, squishy bumpers for hard surfaces (think coffee table edges), and doorknob covers. There are a variety of options for cabinet locks and doorknob covers. Take the layout and use of your cabinets into consideration when purchasing locks, and make sure the doorknob covers you select are compatible with your doorknob style.

3) Get baby gates for stairs or other areas you'd like to keep "off-limits" - laundry room, mudroom, bathroom, etc.

4) Move or tie back strangulation hazards like window blind cords. Yes, this was a thing when we were kids. It's still a thing. Make sure window blind cords are up and out of reach - in living spaces and in bedrooms. Make sure charging cords for electronics are up high.

5) Get into a good habit of not leaving small or sharp items on or near the floor. If you routinely take small things out of your pockets and leave them on the coffee table, maybe invest in a basket or other "catch-all" for the countertop. Keep coins, keys, and other small items out of the way.

And finally, get down to floor level and take a tour of your living spaces. You'll notice the things that will be of interest for a crawling baby (um, that would be *anything and everything*), and make arrangements to move unsafe items up out of reach.

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