Planning Pays Off, part 1 - Introduction

This is part 1 of a series of posts to get you thinking about what you want your first days home with your newborn to look like. Read on and then grab the info sheet below to get started thinking about your "after birth plan". Come back each week for a closer look at a variety of First Days topics, including how to manage guests, meal planning, task delegation, and creating a resource list.

Notebook and pen

{I'm a planner. I like knowing what's happening, who is doing what, where things are, and what I can expect. Some people aren't planners, and I'm cool with that. You like flexibility and spontaneity. Awesome. I respect that. But stick with me for a moment.}

If you're nearing your due date, you've probably done a fair amount of planning, maybe without even realizing it. It's likely that you've stocked up on baby gear, met with your OB/midwife regularly, attended childbirth classes, toured your hospital or birthing center, and have thought about a "birth plan". But have you thought about your "after birth plan"?

Having a plan for what happens during the first few days at home with your newborn will pay off greatly in the long run. You'll have a general idea of who is invited to visit, who can assist you with meals and errands, who can help with household tasks, and how and where to reach out for help if you need it.

Here's a handy info sheet to get you started thinking in the right direction. It's got 5 great tips on managing your first days. Start the conversation now with your partner, family and friends. A little planning now will go a long way later.

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