What New Moms Need to Hear

New moms are inundated with information, messages and images of what motherhood should be - from the medical community, web searches, social media, marketing and advertising, advice from well-meaning friends and relatives, Pinterest-perfect images and stories, new moms often feel a disconnect between what they are told life with a baby would be like and what life actually feels like. The story of the initiation to motherhood is often embellished with the beautiful; rarely do we talk about the struggle many women feel.

Rather than perpetuate unrealistic expectations and ideals, we need to support and accept new moms where they are - often in the midst of the messy. And the mess is ok. Here's what new moms really need to hear.

You are a good mom.

Your baby loves you.

You are everything your baby needs.

You are strong; you can do this.

New moms need reassurance and companionship. They need to know that there are resources available for every type of struggle. They never have to be alone in this motherhood journey.

They need to know that other moms struggle too. Other moms feel overwhelmed, inadequate and lonely. They need to hear where they can get help, where they can find communities - moms-in-solidarity. They need to hear that these feelings won't last forever, that light and clarity will come.

New moms need to hear that they are not invisible; they need to be validated, encouraged and supported.

You are a good mom.

Your baby loves you.

You are everything your baby needs.

You are strong.

You've got this.

And you are not alone.

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