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Babywearing Consultations


Introduction to Babywearing - Explore Your Options


Babywearing is the practice of hands-free baby carrying. It is an ancient practice, spanning times, places and civilizations. Wearing your baby provides your baby with comfort and security while giving you some much needed hands-free mobility. In this personalized consultation, you'll learn the basics of babywearing - what it is, why it works, and how to do it. Get hands-on time with a variety of baby carriers (ring slings, woven and stretchy wraps, and soft structured carriers), practice with weighted dolls, and discover a valuable tool to add to your parenting toolkit. 

90 minutes, $75.


Get Comfy with Your Carrier


Already own a carrier but need some guidance to use it with confidence? Gain a better understanding of your carrier, how to use it comfortably and safely, all from the privacy of your own home. 

45-60 minutes, $40.

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Newborn and Postpartum Classes


Newborn and New Parent Care


During this private class, designed for expectant parents, we'll talk about what to expect from your baby and from you in the first few weeks at home. You'll learn all about taking care of your baby - from feeding to soothing, diapering to bathing, and all the things in between! You'll also learn tips and tricks to help with recovery, explore how partners can develop meaningful bonding relationships with the baby and still support mom, and brainstorm ways family and friends can offer support. This class will cover it all, and you'll feel prepared for your journey into parenthood.

2 hours, $150


Newborn Care with Your Baby


Diapering, swaddling and bathing a newborn can be much different from practicing on a doll. This class is similar to the Newborn and New Parent Care class, but with your baby instead! Maybe you've taken a newborn prep class before the baby was born but want a refresher now that baby is here. Or maybe you didn't get to take a class before and want some education now. Either way, get hands-on practice and guidance with an experienced, certified postpartum doula by your side. 

2 hours, $125


Postpartum Planning


Feeling overwhelmed by what happens after the baby is born? Let's spend an afternoon making a postpartum plan. We'll touch on what you really need for baby gear, meal planning, managing guests, finding local resources and what you can expect for the first week of your new life together!

90 minutes, $75