Sarah Douglas Postpartum Doula, owner of First Days Postpartum Care
My Philosophy

Many cultures support new families, providing the space, time and resources for new parents (especially new mothers) to rest, recover and get to know their new family member. This period of "lying-in", a postpartum rest and recovery period, has been mostly lost in our society, and I think we overlook its importance.


I help families create this space, help them take the time needed to rest, recover, and get to know their little one. I help families to feel comfortable in their new roles, to gain confidence in their new skill sets, and to feel supported in the process.


In my view, there is no "right" way to parent - breastmilk/formula, cloth diapers/disposables, vaccinations/delayed schedules, crib/co-sleeping - I will not judge you on your choices. If you ask for input, I will help you find the latest evidence-based research. You decide what is right for you and your family.


A good doula listens to you, without judgment, without agenda, and holds your hand as you find your way. This is what I believe; this is how I practice.

My Story

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Sarah Douglas, and I'm a mom to three sweet littles - though my oldest would say she's not a "little" any longer! I have worked in both health/medical research and education. Once the kids were born, I was a stay-at-home mom for several years. Now I'm thrilled to be working as a postpartum doula, combining education and health, working to get families off to a solid start.


I grew up in New Hampshire and currently live with my husband and kids in a western suburb of Boston. It's a little more urban here than I'm used to, but I still manage to make almost enough maple syrup to last the year from the 4 little maple trees on our property.


I enjoy football, simple homesteading tips, coffee and card games. I strongly dislike wiggly teeth, rubber bands, and scary movies.

My Education
2021 - Perinatal Mental Health Certification, Postpartum Support International 
2019 - Adult and Pediatric CPR training
2018 - New Parent Educator training, Childbirth and Perinatal Professional Association  
2017 - Babywearing Consultant training, Center for Babywearing Studies - Foundations
2015 - Postpartum Doula training, Childbirth and Perinatal Professional Association
2001 - Bachelor of Arts - Biology, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY

I'd love to chat with you about building your postpartum plan. Contact me to set up a free introductory consultation.

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Mother and newborn gazing into each others' eyes, black and white image
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